Independent Surgeons at Capital Surgical Associates

Boise, Idaho

Dr. Jeffrey Hessing, Shoulder Surgery Specialist in Boise, Idaho

Dr. Jeffrey Hessing

Dr. Hessing’s practice concentrates on minimally invasive orthopedic shoulder surgery. He has performed countless shoulder procedures including rotator cuff repair, bone spur removal, repair of the labrum, repair of ligaments, and many other reconstructions. If you are experiencing problems with shoulder function or shoulder pain consult an orthopedic shoulder specialist.

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Dr. Ryan Applonie, Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Specialist in Boise, Idaho

Dr. Ryan Applonie

Dr. Applonie’s practice concentrates on orthopedic shoulder and elbow surgery. He performs Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement, Total Shoulder Replacement, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Shoulder Arthroscopy, Total Elbows, and Ulnar Nerve Decompression procedures. He treats shoulder pain conditions with surgical and non-surgical solutions.

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Dr. Steven Williams, General Surgery Specialist in Boise, Idaho

Dr. Steven Williams

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Dr. Williams trained in surgical residency after medical school in the late 1990s. During that time he became an expert at laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Williams has honed and perfected the art of minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Williams is known as the surgeon of choice for Hiatal Hernia / GERD, Gallbladder, Hernia, and Spleen Surgery. Dr. Williams has utilized robotic and advanced surgical techniques for decades. Incorporating advanced surgical methods in everyday procedures reduces recovery time and dramatically benefits patients.

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Dr. Daniel Gay, General Surgery Specialist in Boise, Idaho

Dr. Daniel Gay

Dr. Daniel Gay is a Board-Certified General Surgeon in Idaho's Treasure Valley. He is a Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons and is currently licensed to practice medicine in Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona.

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Dr. Miers Johnson, Orthopedic Surgery Specialist in Boise, Idaho

Dr. Miers Johnson

Dr. Johnson, a graduate of Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia, aims to provide a level of care expected for himself or his family. Patients can expect to have their complaints heard and be empowered to take their health into their own hands. Dr. Johnson believes in sitting with each patient to precisely assess their most beneficial method of treatment. He has years of experience in orthopaedic surgery and specializes in treatments for arthritis, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff injury, and other orthopedic conditions. 

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Dr. Austen D. Slade Urologist in Boise, Idaho

Dr. Austen Slade

Austen Slade, MD, MBA is the only fellowship trained urologist in the state with a focused training on the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and kidney stones. By dedicating his practice on these conditions, Dr. Slade is able to help patients find a tailored solution to their needs and offer the latest advances in these fields. He brings minimally invasive and state of the art techniques to Idaho that previously have been limited to only a handful of large medical centers nationally. Dr. Slade has extensive experience in HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate), Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL), mini-PCNL, and metabolic kidney stone management. He has published numerous research articles on these techniques, and trains other urologists seeking to gain these skills.

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