Reverse Shoulder Replacement

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Person grabbing shoulder in pain | Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery at Capital Surgical Associates

Has your shoulder pain begun interfering with your daily activities or quality of life? Shoulder replacement is a reliable way to resolve your pain. But many people have both pain and significant weakness. This combination of pain and weakness can lead to significant limitations in performing even simple daily tasks. A standard shoulder replacement cannot address both issues of weakness and pain. A reverse shoulder replacement is an answer to resolving your pain and returning function to your shoulder without weakness.

Benefits of Reverse Shoulder Replacement:

  • Treats both arthritis and rotator cuff tears in your shoulder
  • Improved function to strength and active motion (if limited before surgery)
  • Most reliable surgery for individuals that are not candidates for standard shoulder replacement
older person grabbing shoulder in pain | Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery at Capital Surgical Associates

When Was Reverse Shoulder Replacement Invented?

The reverse shoulder replacement was originally designed to address the combination of shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff tears. It has been performed in the United States since 2003. With its success, it has become the fastest-growing joint replacement procedure. This growth is partly due to the expanded use for other shoulder problems outside of arthritis and cuff tears. Reverse shoulder replacement has been shown to have better results in individuals with cuff tears that a doctor has been unsuccessful at repairing, severe shoulder fractures, chronic shoulder instability, and failed prior shoulder replacements.

How Does the Reverse Shoulder Replacement Work?

The procedure works by biomechanically changing the shoulder to take advantage of muscles not affected by arthritis and trauma. First, each side of the shoulder is replaced. Then the location of the ball and cup of the joint are placed in opposite locations, or “reversed.” The shoulder can now better utilize the deltoid muscle on the outer shoulder and any remaining intact rotator cuff to lift the shoulder with strength and without pain.

man grabbing shoulder in pain | Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery at Capital Surgical Associates

Reverse shoulder replacement is a complex surgery as it changes the shoulder's anatomy to return function and eliminate pain. Dr. Applonie is a fellowship-trained Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon. After his orthopedic residency training, he was selected to be a fellow at UConn, where he trained for an additional year with leaders in shoulder and elbow surgery. The experience focused on shoulder replacement and arthroscopic management of shoulder injuries. The reverse replacement typically takes 90 mins to perform. With the assistance of a multimodal pain control plan, many patients can go home on the same day of surgery. Many individuals have minimal pain two weeks after surgery. Physical therapy starts three weeks after surgery, with recovery into normal activities expected by 10-12 weeks after surgery for many. The shoulder will continue to improve in strength and range of motion over the first year after surgery.

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