Hip Replacement Via the Anterior Muscle Sparing Approach

Boise, Idaho

Has your hip pain begun to interfere with your daily activities or quality of life? Hip replacement is a reliable way to resolve your hip pain allowing you to enjoy life again. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Joint Replacement Registry 2020 Annual Report, over 600,000 hip replacements are performed each year and that number continues to grow.

When deciding to undergo hip replacement surgery, it is important to know how the surgery is performed as it will impact your recovery from surgery. Hip replacement has traditionally been completed through a posterior approach requiring the cutting of muscles and tendons which can slow down recovery. 

Dr. Applonie offers hip replacement with a muscle sparing approach called the anterior approach. The implant positioning and leg lengths are confirmed directly during surgery. You will begin placing full weight on the hip replacement directly after surgery with the goal to complete physical therapy goals of ambulation and even stairs on the first day of surgery. 

The rapid recovery offered through the anterior approach allows many patients to be discharged home on the same day of surgery as an outpatient procedure. The advantages of the anterior approach for hip replacement are supported by research.

Benefits of Hip Replacement Through the Anterior Approach:

  • Fewer long term restrictions
  • Quicker early recovery with faster return to walking without assistance
  • Less muscle trauma as it doesn’t require cutting any muscles or tendons
  • Lower risk of hip replacement dislocation after surgery
  • Direct recreation of leg length and implant positioning with x-ray during surgery

Numerous studies have been published supporting the benefits of the anterior approach:

Pain and narcotic use is less during the first 6 weeks after hip replacement through an anterior approach. Individuals who undergo hip replacement through the anterior approach discontinue walking aids (walker or canes) on average at least 1 week earlier than other hip approaches. Functional outcomes measured by the Harris Hip Score which includes pain, activities, walking distance, range of motion, ability to perform stairs, use of ambulation aids, improve faster for the anterior hip approach in both short and midterm results out to at least 6 months when compared to posterior approach hip replacement. 

Individuals undergoing anterior hip replacement also have an increased likelihood of being discharged home on the same day of surgery as an early culmination of manageable pain and ability to complete physical therapy goals.

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