Neck Surgery

Boise, Idaho

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Our Neck Care

Your neck contains many vertebrates, blood vessels and nerves. Disorders of the neck, which are common due to the amount of stress this body part receives, are often the source of neck pain.

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Cervical Disc Surgery

Cervical disc surgery is a surgical procedure where degenerated and damaged cervical discs are removed and replaced with bone. The cervical discs in the body act as shock absorbers and cushions between the cervical spine (the neck) and the bones (the vertebra).

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Cervical Stenosis Surgery

Cervical Stenosis is the leading cause of pain in the neck, primarily in elderly patients. Spinal stenosis itself is the shrinking of a spinal canal in the upper spine and neck region.

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Seeing Orthopedic Surgery Specialists at Capital Surgical Associates

Our orthopedic specialists, Dr. Hessing and Dr. Applonie, are here to help if you are in pain from an injury or dealing with a chronic condition.

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