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Our Elbow Care

Your elbow is made up of three bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, three major nerves and a joint capsule that all work together to form a hinge joint. The design of your elbow allows you to bend your arm and rotate your hands. Many daily activities require repetitive movements of the elbow that can lead to wear and tear. The most common elbow conditions are due to dislocation, fracture, and arthritis. We specialize in orthopedic care for all areas of the body including your elbow.

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Elbow Surgery

When you’ve injured your elbow, doctors first recommend conservative treatment options like rest, medications and physical therapy. However, if these methods fail to bring down the pain and inflammation, then the doctor may suggest surgery. The most commonly performed elbow surgery involves using a minimally invasive technique called arthroscopy.

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Seeing Orthopedic Surgery Specialists at Capital Surgical Associates

Our orthopedic specialists, Dr. Hessing and Dr. Applonie, are here to help if you are in pain from an injury or dealing with a chronic condition.

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